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I am the father of 5 amazing children, and have been married to my Jr. High sweet heart , Shaunell for 25 years.

My recovery journey began in July of 2002. Years of alcohol and drug addiction had taken its toll on my mind, body and spirit.

Given the opportunity to change my life , I immersed myself in the local recovery community.

Shaunell and I created an amazing life for our family. After 9 years of sobriety we started to use drugs & alcohol again, this was devastating for our family, but it was actually a beautiful beginning of a new perspective about recovery, community, and personal empowerment.

Since that time I have focused my time and energy on building communities that are supportive , compassionate and empowering.

For nearly twenty years my passion has been being physically fit, and the Process of Transformation (recovery),

That passion has now turned into my life’s purpose!!

Shaunell and I founded Warrior Strength in the early stages of the covid pandemic (spring 2020), our belief is that Community and Connection are essential elements for people to be successful in their journey of healing. We believe in all pathways to Recovery, we also believe that when people come together, there is a healing effect for the entire collective.

Over the past four years I have had the honor of helping people improve their Physical, Emotional and Spiritual lives.

I believe that there are many powerful lessons that are learned while strengthening the body, (lessons that impact many other areas of our lives),

These lessons include, honesty, humility, courage and gratitude, just to name a few.

Our vision is to serve more people and watch the ripple effect impact people throughout all of the greater community.


2012 Russian Kettlebell Certified

2018 Certified Strongfirst kettlebell instructor

2019 Usara recovery ambassador recipient

2019 City Weekly “Best of Utah”
Personal trainer award.



Natalie is currently employed with HealthEquity and has been a part of this team since 2006. She currently serves as the senior vice president of people leading the human resource function. Natalie brings her love of developing people and her commitment to service excellence to this role.

Prior to HealthEquity, Natalie worked for American Express for 10 years where she led teams of people in the financial industry in Salt Lake City and Minneapolis.

Natalie has been an active member in the recovery community for the past 25 years. At a personal level she understands the importance of emotional and mental health wellbeing when coupled with fitness and a strong community of support there are no limits to the overall happiness and success members in the community can achieve.

“I choose to inspire others to be the best they can be. People are my true passion, I love serving others and supporting our community through fitness, connection and community.”



My passion for the fitness industry has been engrained into my life since I was 14 years old. The minute I picked up my first fitness and nutrition magazine, I knew that it was what I was born to do. I became NASM and ACE certified so I could understand all parts of fitness and nutrition. I wanted to absorb as much as I could to feel my best and share my passion with others. I have since gone on to acquire numerous certifications, including NCI, Oracle applied science and the Well-Fit mentorship. This passion lifted me from my darkest times and helped me overcome a decade of addiction to drugs and alcohol, which resulted in my sobriety.

My sobriety date is November 20th of 2012, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Fitness, to me, isn’t just about physical appearance. Fitness is a lifestyle that is continuously evolving. I knew that I needed to build a place where we educate others on living healthy lives—no quick fixes or fad diets, just honest accountability, hard work, and real results that last. I opened the doors to Key Nutrition in March 2017 and have never looked back. Collectively as a team we have helped over 3,500 people hit their health and fitness goals and have amassed over 3 million dollars in revenue. I genuinely want my clients and my team to live healthy lives and understand how food and fitness can change your life for the better. We get one life, and I want everyone to live their best. I now operate a course called The Next Level Experience, where we help individuals level up in all areas of their life in an intimate, intense, and interactive course. I am not only a fitness addict; I am also a dad to my sweet baby boy Dominic Jensen and a dog dad to my two fur babies, champion and chief



Julie Freed has been associated with Lagoon her whole life, through her family. Her grandfather, Peter Freed, purchased Lagoon in the 1940’s after WWII. The park has been in the Freed family ever since so Julie essentially grew up on the park with her sister and cousins. She started “working” pretty early at the age of 9, acting in one of the haunted houses during Frightmares as either a “troll” or a “creepy little girl” scaring guests as they walked through haunted attractions- which she thought was an absolute riot. By age 11 Julie started working her first game on the park- Plop Plop…

She eventually moved on to work in the Ticketing department, followed by the Group Foods department helping serve catered meals to company parties at Lagoon. By High School, Julie had explored numerous departments on the park and she even aspired to be an entertainer in one of the live shows on the park someday. “As a kid, one of my favorite things about working at Lagoon was the endless opportunity! There were so many different departments and avenues to explore. Plus, every unique area of the park was full of amazing people, eager to mentor me and show me the ropes. Who gets that lucky? I loved it.”

Following High School, Julie attended the University of Utah for one year and then completed her degree in Health and Wellness at Arizona State University in 2011. Overall health had always been a passion of Julie’s, but growing up at an amusement park there was not necessarily a place for a “Health Director.” She considered her degree in Health to be extremely beneficial for her own personal health journey and potentially something she could use in her career one day. In the meantime though, Lagoon was waiting. Julie moved back home to Utah after college and began working at Lagoon full time. She kept her interests in Health and Wellness as “passion projects” that she dabbled in on the side from time to time.

When she wasn’t working at Lagoon, Julie certainly kept herself busy. In a four-year span she became a triathlete, NCP fitness competitor, Whole30 Certified Coach, Keto Coach and Certified Yoga & Meditation Instructor. She became extremely passionate about creating a deeply fulfilling, and healthy lifestyle for her yoga students and nutrition clients. Still, it was not until years later that she realized she could actually merge her two passions and bring Health and Wellness to Lagoon.

For nearly a decade since Julie has been working at Lagoon full-time, she has taken on many roles and continues to wear many hats on the park. From Directing Special Events, to being a Park Spokesperson, to Directing the Frightmares Extravaganza, Julie continues to work with her family to make Lagoon a place for families to enjoy and make memories for years to come.

Julie completed her initial 200-hour yoga teacher training at Salt Lake Power Yoga in 2018 and believes that during that first training is where the magic really happened. “Right before my eyes, my heart broke open in SLPY’s 100-degree studio. On my mat, in teacher-training, I discovered true, raw vulnerability for the first time in my life. I learned how vital it was to my mental and emotional health. This was the last piece of the puzzle that I had been missing.” Without even realizing it, Julie had opened herself up to a complete mental, emotional and physical transformation. It was at the peak of that transformation that she knew she had to share this new empowering lifestyle with her Lagoon family.

In February of 2020, Julie started the very first Holistic Health Initiative at Lagoon- merging her college degree and her work experience at Lagoon for the first time ever. This initiative offers all year-round employees a new program, focused solely on holistic health and personal development. The program was designed to educate and encourage healthy habits for all employees so that they genuinely felt better- on and off of the job. From individual goal setting, to nutritional dietary seminars, to mental health awareness workshops, to physical activity; this well-rounded program offers both verbal education and hands-on experience for all who chose to participate. Lagoon employees are offered guided-meditations, weekly yoga classes, Lagoon trail walks, self-awareness assessments, Whole30 coaching, Keto coaching, and more!

Julie has identified; “Especially in 2020, companies all over the world are recognizing how important health really is- not only in home-life but work-life as well. My hope is that businesses will eventually consider work and health to go hand-in-hand.” Julie believes that true vitality comes from digging deep to discover the root of our health issues first, and then works to help heal the mind and body from the inside-out. In the process of assisting others, Julie treasures that this actually aids her to maintain her home and work life balance too!



Mindy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in mental health and addiction treatment and is the founder and Executive Director of the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition. Mindy started the first legal syringe exchange in the state of Utah, and has done extensive work in harm reduction, opioid overdose prevention, awareness and treatment and continues to work to educate the community, stakeholders and policymakers about harm reduction and expand services throughout the state.

Mindy owns a private practice, Life Changes Counseling, in Heber City, Utah and is an adjunct professor of social policy at the University of Utah. She received her bachelor’s degree from Utah Valley University and earned her Masters of Social Work and her Masters of Public Administration from the University of Utah.