I am the father of 5 amazing children, and have been married to my Jr. High sweet heart , Shaunell for 25 years.

My recovery journey began in July of 2002. Years of alcohol and drug addiction had taken its toll on my mind, body and spirit.

Given the opportunity to change my life , I immersed myself in the local recovery community.

Shaunell and I created an amazing life for our family. After 9 years of sobriety we started to use drugs & alcohol again, this was devastating for our family, but it was actually a beautiful beginning of a new perspective about recovery, community, and personal empowerment.

Since that time I have focused my time and energy on building communities that are supportive , compassionate and empowering.

For nearly twenty years my passion has been being physically fit, and the Process of Transformation (recovery),

That passion has now turned into my life’s purpose!!

Shaunell and I founded Warrior Strength in the early stages of the covid pandemic (spring 2020), our belief is that Community and Connection are essential elements for people to be successful in their journey of healing. We believe in all pathways to Recovery, we also believe that when people come together, there is a healing effect for the entire collective.

Over the past four years I have had the honor of helping people improve their Physical, Emotional and Spiritual lives.

I believe that there are many powerful lessons that are learned while strengthening the body, (lessons that impact many other areas of our lives),

These lessons include, honesty, humility, courage and gratitude, just to name a few.

Our vision is to serve more people and watch the ripple effect impact people throughout all of the greater community.


2012 Russian Kettlebell Certified

2018 Certified Strongfirst kettlebell instructor

2019 Usara recovery ambassador recipient

2019 City Weekly “Best of Utah”
Personal trainer award.



Sam Ball is one of our coaches at Warrior strength. Sam became a part of our community after many years of struggling with addiction and trying to get sober with very little success. He realized in order to stay sober and grow he had to build a community and look at the whole picture of physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Sam is a man of integrity and compassion. He holds space for people to be exactly where they are at and will love and support you through the process. Sam takes the safety of our community very seriously. Sam is a Strongfirst certified Kettlebell and Barbell instructor.

He also works full-time for Flourish bakery, Flourish is a community partner with Warrior Strength, they help people in the recovery community by providing paid internships while teaching them work and life skills to help them re-join the workforce.



Originally from the East Coast, Liz headed west after graduating from St. Lawrence University in upstate New York and ultimately settled on our great state where she has lived for the past two years. Here in Salt Lake City, her focus has been on Holistic Health as well as Outdoor Education.

Liz’s coaching philosophy stems from her love and understanding of the outdoors. With an emphasis on implementing Warrior Strength in her routines, she will have you feeling grounded and connected to the environment ultimately leading to one’s feeling while with one’s self, others and the world.

Bright and bubbly with a great sense of humor though, make no mistake. Liz means business. Should you get to know her, you’ll soon learn that her favorite color is blue and her favorite flower is the peony. Lastly her favorite movement is a classic two handed kettlebell swing.